Moving My Stuff

I think I have ADD (Adult Deficit Disorder)! I’m often running around banging into walls trying to get tons done and ending up at the end of the day wondering where the time went. There are some times when I can actually focus and concentrate… especially when I am working on a computer design project… I sit down and often don’t get up for several hours and my body suffers… rounded shoulders, hunched back, bad eyes… etc.

But in spite of long lists that I create to keep me on track, I am easily distracted by shiny objects that seem simpler to do… I think it’ll only take me 5 minutes to pay a bill… of course it takes longer and while I’m online, I might as well check my email… oh! and there’s that facebook account I wanted to check out… and then there’s…. you get the picture.

… and the thing I really want to do — write my book— gets buried under small slips of “to do” lists …. and gets moved to the bottom of the list. Case in point: I’m blogging now, instead of doing historical research as background for the book….

But writing for is a warmup exercise – my excuse… gets my fingers moving and my mind slows down so I can capture thoughts as they fling by and that helps… I’ve moved a bunch of stuff to my work office and left my writing stuff in my home office…. I’m trying to focus with furniture and things to keep myself on track.

I went online to try and find out additional ideas for dealing with this condition… the site recommended exercise, good nutrition and getting plenty of sleep…making lists, setting deadlines even for small things… and setting a daily schedule that is in synch with your most productive time of the day. Well, I don’t exercise much in the winter, I try to eat well enough though I have to get myself to the market as there is little in the house at the moment… and a good night’s sleep is something I dream about…

but I just remembered I have a wash in the laundry and, oh yeah! I need to rake the back lawn before the rain. and I just heard the mailman. Gotta check the mailbox!

What was I writing about?

I’ve posted the following video before, and although it’s a bit humorous… it’s really not funny…. This is my life!!!!

Any suggestions?

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10 years ago

Schedule a definite time to do the work you want to do. Be sure you keep to it. Set a timer and do not get up until the timer goes off!…no matter what thought breezes through your mind…no matter if your phone goes off or the timer on the stove. (Don’t try and multi-task!) I’ll never get to read the book if you don’t buckle down! (:

a fan
a fan
10 years ago

A reward system always works for me. Three hours of focused work in exchange for a treat? What do you think?