My BAD! Adventures In The Grass

The last time I mowed the back lawn was in the late spring. Visitors (family) did the duty all summer long, but now that they have packed up and headed west, the task falls back in my lap. Unfortunately my lap has been too full with work, golf, work and more golf and I have not done the mowing in a couple of weeks. During the really hot days this summer it would not have mattered. The grass didn’t grow with all the heat. In fact, it stayed short and stout and nearly went brown with the drought.  But not so now.

The weather has been wet, then hot, then wet, then hot… and my backyard grass has now blossomed into a thick blanket of crabs and weeds. My bad for not getting out there sooner.

This morning I determined to tackle the grass. I have a battery charger to hook up so I should be able to just turn the key and “ccccchhhhharge!” the machine should roar into action. Of course it never works for me. Worked for my brother in law. Not for me. I am “engine challenged” I think. Never could get the motor on my sailboat to work properly.

Anyway, took me several very strong yanks of the cord and finally got the mower started. I was very proud and pleased. Didn’t last long.


My Lovely Backyard…

Problem: The grass is very wet this morning. The wet plus the length… and the mower has clogged up twice. After struggling for fifteen more minutes to get the mower to restart, I have finally given up. I have meetings today and have to head out and will have to finish this up tomorrow when—and if—the sun gets a chance to dry things out. If it doesn’t I shall have no choice but to weed whack the yard. That should be a load of fun. Sigh. But now I can’t find the 100 foot extension cord.

Maybe I’ll rent a goat. You got any ideas?

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10 years ago

The goat seems like the perfect solution, maybe rent a cow to join I’m…