Oh The Things I Could Do!

19018701The people next door are selling their house. I’d love to buy it but I do not have the flow of cash to secure the property…. sigh…. but it would be a good idea… Just think what I might do with a half acre on Cape Cod? You see there’s this empty lot behind the lot, and it gives me lots of ideas for expansion and contraption… such things are possible!

  • I could build a putting green
  • a small inground swimming pool
  • a badminton court
  • how about horse shoe rings and a go cart raceway

Oh the things I might do and the places I might be with just a little real estate in my portolio!!


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Cosmic Cousin
Cosmic Cousin
10 years ago

Just toured the house! Lovely… it would be a great addition for a conclave! I’m buying a lottery ticket!

Reply to  Cosmic Cousin
10 years ago