Oklahoma to Memphis – Road Trip Tales #8

June 20, 8:50 a.m. Breakfast at Sequoah State Park in Eastern Oklahoma

The birds are singing. My sister sighted a red-headed woodpecker, a blue heron and a white egret. It’s the 4th of July already! (Red, white and blue – That’s a joke. Get it?) Very pleasant nature. Very patriotic. 🙂

The park is not too crowded and we are enjoying the space. A lovely Lake Gibson flows before us, not more than 50 yards away. No canoe though…

We are off to Arkansas and the Ozarks today. We’ll check with the Visitor Center first to know where the sights are. Leaving at 9:59 a.m.

Checked mileage at Manifee, Arkansas. We’ve traveled 2,073 miles since Los Angeles. Cost for gas so far: $116.25 !

Arrived in Memphis. Rain caused us to stay in a Days Inn.

Don’t have any particualr plans for tomorrow but we shall probably drive on through Tennessee and into Virginia. Maybe we’ll  stop in Nashville at the Grand Ole Opry? but unlikely.

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