On The Water By Accident

I was supposed to be playing golf. Tee time at 7:04 am… but I misread the calendar note I had left for myself, rolled out of the sack at 6:45 am and realized I had missed my chance to make another fool of myself on the golf course. Sigh.

Called the pro shop, cancelled my spot and then sulked back to the kitchen for my morning Jo. Just as well. Last week I probably played the very worst round of golf in my life… I could do nothing right… and on Saturday I was scheduled to play with some pretty powerful hitters who would not tolerate a lazy golf slug! So just as well.

kayakInstead, my sister suggested a kayak spin around the Mashpee River Basin, and so we were off on another watery advencha. I like kayaking. I do.

Bought both kayaks several years ago and we’ve used them well… but lately it’s not as much fun. My shoulders ache and the repetitive action causes me little blisters on my hands. I forgot my kayak gloves this time and so I endured quietly and without complaint… My sister would say I was brave, but that would be bogus… actually i whined most of the paddle… but had a great time in spite of myself. The sun was shining, the wind a little blowy and the tide, although going out at the first of our paddle, was a big help in getting us home quickly, And I did not fall out, nor make a fool of myself. I think I might actually be better at kayaking than golf.

I’ll paddle again before the end of the summer. And this time I’ll remember my gloves…my hat with a string to keep it from blowing away.

I discover I am becoming a real wuss and old fart when it comes to endurance exercise. I prefer to lift a gin and tonic than a paddle. My sister would agree. 🙂

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a fan
a fan
10 years ago

You are a good storyteller, though.

Reply to  a fan
10 years ago

Dear a fan… you are most kind. Yes, I do tell a grand story and there are so many to tell. today I was going to go to a partee off Cape… but as of this moment there is a 5 mile backup trying to get over the bridge! Too much for me to tackle. So I shall sit and work on my blogs and business…. much to do.

Stay warm and dry!