Opryland – A Second Tennesee Day – Road Trip Tales #10

June 22 and 23, 10:25 a.m. Leaving Montgomery Bell State Park

Heading for Opryland in Nashville… My sister found colored rocks in the stream nearby. Bary and Janeen (2 friendly campers) invited us to go along. She joined in for the adventure.

Spent a full day at Opryland Amusement Park outside Nashville and spent the night in a trailer camp nearby. It was more like a parking lot campsite.

Last nite we went to the 9:30 performance of the Grand Ole Opry. it was a live radio broadcast of the show. Very interesting to watch the people doing the show and “behind the scene” scenes. Today we head for the smoky mountains.

Looks to be overcast… may rain.

Leaving Nashville at 10:30 a.m. Mobs of people going in to Opryland on this Saturday a.m. We are lucky to have gone yesterday.

Weather looks ominous. Maybe rain. We’re listening for a weather report. Dried out most of the stuff in the early sun. Hope the dampness is gone.


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11 years ago

That must be where your love of Prairie Home Companion began!

Reply to  Daffyhill
11 years ago

You betcha!