Overcast in Paradise

It’s 77 degrees today…. just a little too cool for sunbathing at the pool. I just spoke with my friend who is trapped in heavy north bound traffic getting out of Boston for the weekend. Yikes! 27 degrees, cold, raw and miserable. So 77 degrees and a bit of an overcast does not sound too bad.

It’s been a low key day here in Paradise. I spent most of it listening to podcast tutorials about blogging and trying to get my sites up to speed. Also decided on a mind map approach to building my dream house. I think I’ve decided I’d rather live in St. John V.I. than Montana… sunshine and warm tropical breezes outweigh the heavy snowplows and drifts of winter as icons in my imagination.  So I’ve been doing some trolling on the internet looking for my ideal home of the future. It’s high on a hill over looking the ocean, lots of open spaces, wide angle glass and quite modern and sleek in appearance. No tudor styles or early Tuscan hills for me. You can keep your Early Renaissance…. I’m for the islands.

And something with lots of rooms so friends can come and relax, and of course a very large kitchen so my chef can prepare only the very best cuisine as my friends and I sip our cocktails on the veranda (is that still a word? we can use) – the deck… call it a patio… whatevah…

At this very moment our host here in the Florida paradiso is making an appetizer – mushroom caps. and other nibbles. It’s for a party! And it’s nearly 5 o’clock and time for a cocktail. Gotta run. Good times a waitin. 🙂



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11 years ago

They’ll be no keeping you down on the farm once you’ve seen Paris…

Reply to  Daffyhill
11 years ago

Pareeee ain’t seen nothin yet! 🙂