Paradise is past, alas! Learning to live in the NOW!

I’m baaaaaaahhhhhccckkk!

It’s been almost eight weeks since my last missive and I hear your cries of wonder…. “Wonder where the heck that Chapman Deering has gone?!”…. she was so interesting, so fascinating… so — how shall I say it, — such a compelling presence in your life? Perchance?…

Well… bottom line— I took a vacation—a working vacation (emphasis on working!) honest! in paradise… five weeks in sunny Florida. While the northeast was belted with one and another nor’easter and snow, and rain, and misery….! I was happily rising from my trundle bed each day to gaze upon the sunshine and palm trees of sunny Florida. I know, you hate me for it. But don’t begrudge me too much.

Most of those five weeks was spent literally glued to my computer, pounding out copy and art for a client who had a very strict deadline… stuff had to be done and at the printers without a hitch. So many days I never actually stood in the sunshine… just saw it, alas, from inside my air conditioned condo.

In the beginning I had high hopes of walking miles every day, and I did try… exploring the neighborhood, bouncing along the sidewalks to Lady Gaga tunes… but I tried too hard and damaged myself… I actually over-walked!!! and ended up a cripple with a bad back… and after that, well, I just figured I wouldn’t take any chances… so I controlled my urge for excessive exercise and decided to just relax and let the pounds pile on.

It was a struggle to stay put and not hit the pool every day. Oh the trauma! I know, I know, how brave of me to be reduced to an automaton… but thankfully, I am back in the saddle and looking forward to a chance to send you some fabu posts in the future. And golf is about to begin in earnest. And I do love to hit those little white balls. 🙂

Ahoy and all hail. Chapman Deering rises again. Alleluia!

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Cousin Kathy
Cousin Kathy
12 years ago

Glad you had fun… but OVER walking… pa-leeeze! (LOL!)

It’s amazing what a little sunshine will do for the soul!

spring has sprung here in the Mid-Atlantic… tulips, daffys, and POLLEN! So far, I count 7 rosebuds on my bushes… meanwhile my azaleas seem to be mysteriously dying… hmmm….

Tally Ho!

12 years ago

Welcome home. The sun is finally out here in Cotuit and things are beginning to heat up. It will be a lovely spring…hopefully not 85 degrees though. We can wait a while for the heat to arrive.

12 years ago

glad to have you back,ms.chapman.get back to reality!!!