Party On!

The gang from PA and VA arrive today… more food and a scrabble tournament for sure. We already have the “brain food” waiting in the wings — Chocolate covered peanuts! in honor of the Queen of Scrabble who always supplied her subjects with mobs of such treats.

I have been practicing inventing words, especially the two letter kind that sound and are obscure, but are still real words, i.e. en, em, ab, ad, these are real in the world of scrabble. Look ’em up and see.

So it’s run to the supermarket, liquor store, clean the house, make the turkey salad for sandwiches… and it all begins again. Such fun. Only lasts for these two weeks… then quiet descends again and the winter snows lock me in. It’s important to savor the moment. They all move way too fast.

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