Rain and More Rain

Sunny Florida has not been seen for three days. The tropical monsoons have taken residence in Fort Myers. We leave today with suitcases packed, and umbrellas pointed at the sky.

All in all, it’s been a good week, though not quite as we expected. A couple of friends couldn’t stay the whole time, and our hostess had to work three days, so we were left to our own devices… and for the most part, it was good to get away and relax. Last night we played a round of Phase 10 – a wacky card game that goes on for about two hours…much laughter and good natured cheating. I did not win, in spite of all my efforts. And I was NOT the one cheating.

The TV just reported that it will be cold and snowy when we get to Boston this evening… what’s with this weather, anyway?

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14 years ago

somewhat exaggerated !!!!! the sun should come out soon.