Re-entry is Never Easy – Sigh

I’ve been back three days and am already exhausted… need a vacation! Re-entry into the work world is never easy, especially after two weeks… although it was a workin vacation… i did more nuthin’ than anything… and now, back at real work, it’s nose to the grind stone… except for yesterday, when I played golf all day, and today, when I’m leaving the office early to get my hair cut…

allright… I hear your snickers… and I don’t mean the candy bar kind… it’s true, I do know how to take care of myself… so now, after a full day – well, 5 hours of diligent work… I am off to get my beauty restored, and buy proper groceries… nothing in the house… i’ve been eating chinese food for three days. 🙂

More this weekend, when I really knuckle down.

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13 years ago

Just in time for my arrival…planning on buckling down are you? We shall see about that (: