Rush? Time To Hang It Up

I know, I know… If you’ve been paying any attention to the news this past week, you must have heard enough of nasty Rush Limbaugh and his diatribe about women, contraception and his desire to provide every Georgetown U Co-Ed with a lifetime supply of aspirin, to turn you off to all the talking heads on the airwaves. But let me tell you of at least one bright spot.

A day after Rush blabbered on, a good friend who happens to be a writer and very good at persuasion, sent me a copy of a letter she had sent to one of Limbaugh’s biggest advertisers. In no uncertain terms did she let the advertiser know that they should withdraw their support from the Limbaugh’s show. With that as motivator, I proceeded to do my own bit of research, found the advertiser’s CEO’s name and email and sent my own version of protestation.

The first response I got back was a form letter…”we don’t endorse or interfere…blah blah blah” to which I responded with a second letter of increased protestation.

And it made a difference. I got a second email from the CEO declaring his company was rethinking their advertising expenditures and he planned to confront Limbaugh directly. And just moments ago I heard on the news that Rush has publicly apologized!!!!

The power of the pen!/keyboard… And $$$$$ of course. Power to the people. YES!

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11 years ago

Congrats…money talks…and Limbaugh wants to keep his paychecks