Working On My Style….

Still at the Cape Cod Writer’s Conference…

My new class – my “substitute” class was much more satisfying… went to learn how to pitch an article to a magazine.… got to the class 5 minutes late… but they were most welcoming, and I found I came at just the right time… they were talking about the importance of blogging… of course I added my two cents to the discussion

I am beginning to realize I know a lot more than most people… the world of blogging and publishing on line is so familiar to me by now, I make the false assumption that everyone knows about it all.. but they don’t… and once again I discovered that with a little research and organization, I could be teaching the class….

Don’t tell anyone though. I am happy and content to just observe and learn what I can.

Today and tomorrow…. class is on “Emotional Glue” – how to get your characters to “connect” … I’m hoping it covers the love angle I missed in the first day of class….

More later. TTFN

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