Sex in the Garden – My Sister is Excited!!!!

I don’t know if you have a green thumb or not, but my sister has a green thumb that extends up and over her elbow. No matter what she sticks in the ground… ! amazing things happen.

This afternoon I stopped by to see what was blooming. Such a fertile crescent here on Cape Cod!!! She has squash and pumpkins growing by leaps and bounds… not to mention the holly in the corner of the lot.

And it’s all about sex!!!

The squash and pumpkins are pretty much in the same family… fabulous orange blossoms open early in the morning… fully flowered, waiting for just the right visitation from the right bee that has all that stamen type pollen on it’s wings or legs… I’m no scientist so I don’t know the specifics… let it be said.. the bee is the “matchmaker”… taking some of this and mixing it with that… and voila!!! the bud is budddeeeeeng… and the bee has done its job. A baby squash is on it’s way.

Sadly…. Those virgin blossoms that never got the sting fade away over night and will wilt and fall to the ground tomorrow. It’s a sad state of affairs.

In the meantime… deep in the back vestiges… the feminine holly bushes (there are such distinctions) have been well fertilized by the presence of the lone male holly bush… call him the holly boy! One bush among many female-now berry laden bushes….  Fabu! such fertilizations abound in my sister’s yard. You must come to visit!!!

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13 years ago

I have seen and I believe she does have a jolly green thumb. I am thrilled for her and just a teeny tiny bit jealous……..