Skyline Drive in the Blue Ridge Mountains – Road Trip Tales #15

June 27, Matthews Arm State Park

We spent yesterday on the road – Skyline Drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains. Very peaceful and beautiful country.

We’ve stayed at Matthew’s Arm State Park … very clear, dry day. Bears and deer are everywhere. We saw a deer come right into our own campsite! And last night I heard a large animal “snuffling” around our tent, smelling for food. Could it have been a bear?

Probably not. We have skunk smell in camp this a.m.!

Today we head for Luray Caverns and Route 1 North to Lancaster and Amish Country. My sister has never been there. Should be a good day.

She is still asleep this morning and it’s 8:41 a.m. so we will get a late start if she doesn’t get up.

She’s up! I had a runny 8 minute egg for breakfast. Ugh.

10 a.m. leaving Matthews Arm heading for Luray Caverns.

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11 years ago

Skunk…beware. They can be quite a challenge to scare away. You’d have to have tomato juice with that runny egg!