Snow In October? Tell me it Ain’t So, Mama!

Last week I was playing golf in the sunshine of South Carolina! And tonight? The winds of Cape Cod are driving sleet and rain against the storm windows. Fire is burning on the hearth… Scotch in the glass… Cheese and crackers on the plate… Music in the background.

Finally turned on the heat in the house… Waited till the temps hit the low 50’s and the chill was in my bones… But it was enough. That and a guest visiting for the weekend. Warmth is a wonderful thing to lift the spirits on such a cold raw night.

Might play golf on Tuesday if the sun ever returns. Et tu?

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11 years ago

Hope you have not lost power. We are truly under the weather here in Nova Scotia.

Mamma Mia
Mamma Mia
11 years ago

Good luck on the links! Snow covered here, but there’s power!

Aside to the editor/author: thanks for rescuing me from Dante’s Inferno by registering my user name and password for me on this site. I thought I would never get out of that circle!