Spam Trash and Trouble

Some of you, my dear and faithful readers may have noticed a bunch of ugly trash comments appearing on this blog. Trust me. I did not ask nor solicit any of them. In fact i try my best to delete any and all trash spam and trouble comments as soon as they appear. But you can’t keep everyone from putting in their two cents…

So… let it be known… if you have ever commented on this blog and seen your comment posted, you are probably fine and ok to continue to comment… if you find when you try to comment that a little note appears saying your comment is being held for the administrator (me) to approve it, well— that’s part of the new system to try and eliminate all the spam trash and trouble.

I’ve got the system set up that if you register once and have at least one comment approved … you should be able to comment freely in the future. So keep commenting.

We’ll see if this system works. Thanks for your patience.

By the way, the spider bites are still itchy. Any remedies??? Please advise.

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12 years ago

Two thoughts on the spider bites, witch hazel or a lotion called Sarna. It available usually at CVS or Walgreens. The regular version is mint scented. The sensitive skin version has no scent.

I hope it helps!

Reply to  SCHammond
12 years ago

My cousin called last night and suggested neosprorin which helped a little… and then I found a tube of hydrocordisone… which helped a little… I shall stop and get some Sarna. one of these is bound to help a lot.