Spring, Storms, and Shamu!

Today is the first day of spring! And a celebration too, in a personal way. My mother would be 99 years old today, if she was still on this plane of existence. She moved to a cosmic level back in 1990… And has enjoyed celestial music ever since, I am sure… Along with the best and brightest of my ancestors.

So it is a good day to celebrate beginnings. This spring the weather in New England has been remarkably warm… 80 degrees is promised for this very afternoon. I won’t know that for sure, as I am flying home from San Antonio as I write this post. But I will trust the weather reports.

And writing about weather! Last night! Such a storm of rain and wind and hail that came through town last eve. Major fear gripped the land! The TV was filled with warnings. We went out to the street to watch the sky as the storm approached, but lasted only a minute or two, such was the constant flash of lightening! We were shaking in our booties. I worried for Shamu!!! the killer whale we had seen at Sea World that very afternoon. How do such whales and things react to wild weather?…

Did I mention Sea World before? Such a time! Wonderful undersea exhibits and creatures from the black lagoon, available for the pleasure of our viewing. My brother was once again our guide, knowing exactly which paths to take to get to the best spots! One of my favorite spots was the dolphin tank! I bought some little sardine bitty fish and fed the dolphins with my very own hands. The idea is to hold the little fishy in the air above the dolphins snout and when he opens his mouth, drop the morsel straight in. Would it be fair to say I fed the dolphins or just threw the food into the pool? I hate to admit but I was a little panicked as the jaws opened inches from my pinkies.

But it was a great time. The evening ended with us all sipping drinks and watching Dancing With The Stars! Honest. Not my favorite show… But hey! It was a lot of laughs!


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Springin' Sara
Springin' Sara
11 years ago

In honor of your dear mother, I am wearing an enamel pin that she made! I shall be filled with her spirit of creativity and love!

Safe Travels!