Staying Below the Radar— Unpacking the Jingle Bells

I am trying to stay out of the mainstream today… my gribbles are still running… and no need to infect the hordes at the shopping malls… most of my shopping is done anyway, either by going online or by heading out very early to my very favorite local shop for fabu “quality” gifts — Job Lot!!!! Oh. I’m sucha spendah! Such gifts. Such values! There’s nothing like getting the deal of a lifetime on a “quality” gift you can put under the tree, or stuff in a stocking hung by the chiminey. Something that the giftee never even  thought about, wanted, or can use. Such excitement!

This morning in anticipation of the coming holiday, I dragged all the decoration boxes up from the cellar. There are boxes and boxes. Every year we seem to acquire more “stuff” to hang about the house… Stuff for one room or another…. little jingle bells strategically placed so they jingle all the day… or ribbons from which dangle colorful ornaments. We even have a plastic “snowstorm” we’ve hung from the ceiling. Just in case we don’t have snow on the ground on the grand holiday, we can at least imagine it more vividly.

I’m not sure the snowstorm is going to make it to the ceiling this year… I have ideas for stars and floating snowmen instead… One thing for sure… high dusting must be done before anything goes up… then again, perhaps the ornamentation will look more authentic with an “antique” look about it…?

Do you clean before or after you decorate your house for the holidays?

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13 years ago

With any luck your company stayed below the radar as well…only time will tell!

Cousin K.
Cousin K.
13 years ago

Afterwards, dahling!