Sweet Sweat! And My Family Still Loves Me

My determined and very disciplined sister has decided to drag me to the gym! She tried her best last summer to get me off my mushy butt… I had every excuse not to move. Work, work and more work. This year her determination and my widening waistline have decided for me. For the last two days—count ’em—TWO days I have gone to the local gym and sweated my brains out on bikes and treadmills while she dances and jives in the Zumba room or hits the deck in the Boot Camp Exercise class….she’s very good.

Yesterday was hot and the extra sweat on my brow from exercise did nothing to make me sweeter. Still when I got home there was an email message waiting for me — a client crisis! Rather than hit the shower right away, I sat down at my computer to try and solve the problem.

Needless to say, the day wore on, my solving the computer issue, still in my ugly gym clothes… through lunch and finally into the evening. I totally forgot to take a shower, my appearance must have been appalling! (I admit, I never bothered to look in the mirror!)

I grilled a fabu dinner and we ate outside under the trees, ending with wine at the fire pit. I never bothered to change or brush my hair! It never occurred to me. This is the beauty of true family! Never having to shower! And still they love me. Of course, it could be they are just being polite, but I prefer to think of it as LOVE. Wouldn’t you?

By the way, I’m off to hit the showers at last…. beauty is just a soap bar away. 🙂

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13 years ago

It was a fabu dinner…now I understand why we ate outside (: