Testing Time

I’m heading to Orlando this week for the PGA Merchandise Show… and I want to keep everything as simple¬†as possible… so with that in mind, my web wizard nephew figured out a way for me to link my iphone to dropbox and my ipad so I can skip dragging my heavy duty camera and computer along for the ride…. to that end…here is a photo I just took with my iphone!

Love & KissesSo there it is. Fabu! for you. The only thing I find awkward about working with this method… the ipad keyboard takes a little getting used to. The shift key is just a little toooo close to the page UP key and I keep sending my cursor up a line or two. But that is little pain for so much gain.

Thanks technology for making my life so easy. Now if I can only fit into those new pants I bought I will be a happy camper. More later.

Note: to the world…. it wasn’t as efficient as it might be… and took way too long to fine tune the photo… I think I have to take my computer along anyway….sigh…. now I’m going to try on those pants…

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