Testing the Waters

It has been a very long time since I’ve written on this blog. Too many interruptions to ennumerate. Too much life happening and my energies are directed elsewhere.

I’ve only just discovered how slow this site is to load. Takes forever! I thought it was something I could fix, so I have changed my theme to one that is much simpler, less clutter and responsive to mobile devices… shut off all but the essential plugins – if you’re not a blogger you don’t know what that means… but don’t worry… not important.

But what is important is whether this site loads any quicker. If you are reading this missive, then please let me know

  • how you knew it was posted, i.e. email notice or you just found it on your own
  • how fast or slow the site loaded
  • what do you think of the new look?

That’s it. Quick and dirty. Just that. I’ve got to run to the next item on my list.

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9 years ago

Faster load if I hit full link (http:/etc) but if I click on any of the chapmandeering.com links it’s very slow. On an iPod your title is
Which makes it look like your first name is Chapmande but the font is very nice.

9 years ago

Yes, I like the new look…clean and simple. It was slow loading from the email which is how I knew about the change. Your name is fine on the iPad.