The Joy of Chaos at Christmas

The house has been filled with comings and goings for the last few days! Family, friends, kids, toys, gifts, feasts of turkey and ham, ice cream, stockings chockablock full with goodies… and a tree covered with trinkets and flashing lights… you know, chaos. It’s what makes the holidays so bright and gay!

I’ve not been able to find the peace and quiet to get to the computer… or to sort out my thoughts, mixed up as they are… but all has been fun and fine. Tomorrow, more good times await when family from Pennsylvania and Virginia arrive and we begin the feasting anew.

I, for my part, am heading north to my bed to take a nap. Will arise for home made lasagna, wine and song in a while… but the pillows await. TTFN. And here’s wishing your holiday is as much joy and chaos.

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14 years ago

sounds awesome.we are dittoing it!!jiminy arrived safely soooo cute—thanks patty.will call soon .missed you the other day,carl said you were to all.midge