The Master Chefs Are Taking Charge Tonight

I am sitting at the dining table in the middle of the condo here in paradise. The two head chefs in our company have been preparing a feast for our supper this evening. And the aroma!!! It is enough to make one swoooooon. In anticipation of the rest of the week, J. has soups and sauces, vegetables and stews simmering. Meanwhile M. has started the grill just outside the back door. I’m going to faint with anticipation for sure!

We trimmed their Christmas tree last night and it is glistening on the lanai in front of the fountain and Pandora Radio on my iPad is broadcasting Christmas tunes. This is a fine night for friends to gather and bless the day. We were trying to figure out how many years this motely group have been coming together for this one week after Thanksgiving. Finally determined it’s been 27 years!!! Believe it!! and we still love each other. A small miracle in this hustle bustle changing world.

OOOhhh! Gene Autry is on Pandora!!!… singing Rudolph the Reindeer! What could be better. LOL…. Gotta go. Supper’s on!

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