The Weak Is Done… The Week Is Done

Well, now there’s a play on words…

My weakness is overcome, my week is done… The last two days of class were better. Met Alan Rinzler, a consulting book editor who told us all about “Emotional Glue” or how a story gets put together and conveys a feeling to the reader… lots of good hints, tips, a trick or two.

He had us read some of our own work, which is exactly what every writer in the class was longing for… a moment to shine.

I read the first paragraph… the opening scene in the historical fiction book I am writing… Love Letters Home… want to read it? Here it is… and watch for the “glue” that gives you a sense of place, time, feeling, etc…

The train was late again. It was always late on Tuesdays. Who knew why. Who knew anything any more. The whole world was going crazy. The air was cold and the sky still dark when Ruth finally stepped onto the crumbling platform at  Wallaston Station. The thin fabric of her worn overcoat did little to keep out the harsh morning air. She buried her hands deep in her pockets and pulled the front of her coat ever tighter against her body.

“I should have worn a hat,” she berated herself, as she stamped her feet on the hard stone surface trying to stay warm. She waited.

The teacher liked it… they even asked me to re-read it which was nice… and one of the other students asked me which book it had come from when I was leaving the class. I proudly answered, “I wrote it!” TaDa!

Proud Mama me. 🙂 Whatcha think?

The time is 1942… WWII has just begun for the USA and this woman’s love has gone to war.

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