They’re Digging Up The Back Yard… Goodbye Morning Glories

It took most of the summer to grow, and today the morning glories will be no more. At this very moment a very large back hoe is being moved down the driveway, under the trees and into the backyard… they are digging for old septic systems, ripping through old pipes and laying down a brand new system of tubes and holes and who knows what. I am heading out soon so the water shut off will not be a problem. I will be flushing at a remote location today!

Still and all it’s quite something to see this humungus equipment with its giant claws tearing up the earth…. my car is out at the end of the driveway… I offered to move it… the driver said, not a problem… and so it was… no troubles…. here is a pic of the monster¬† as it enters. Impressive. And of poor froggie wondering what is going to happen to his backyard!!!

Updates to come!!!

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