There’s A Nut At The End of My Block – Or I’m Under Surveillance – You Choose

The other day I took a quick walk around the block, heading for the post office. A simple trip to send off an old unusable electronic device (a palm pilot gizmo thingy that has long stopped working—more on this below). I decided to take the long way home rather than backtrack my steps. This brought me around to the far end of my street where, as I took the turn, I noticed the local “nut case” was sitting in his car. I must explain. This fellow posts signs all over his property, sometimes painted on his white chimney in large black letters. Signs that read: “Thief In The Neighborhood” and “You Bastards!” and “Stay Off My Land!” you get the picture. I think he’s nuts. Or maybe he’s an undercover agent for the FBI, posing as a nutcase because on this day, as I turned the corner there he was sitting in the front seat of his car, with a camera pointed right at me! He was taking my picture!

I was tempted to wave or smile or even walk right up and say hello. But he would probably blow me away with a six barrel shot gun if I came anywhere near his property line, and then you wouldn’t have Chapman Deering sending you such cheery posts every once in a while.

– – – – –

About those electronics… check out this website: They will recycle whatever you send them… and even pay you too. Unfortunately, they don’t take back printers. 🙁

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Cousin K.
Cousin K.
13 years ago

I can’t believe you didn’t wave at him! (next time, carry YOUR camera with you and take a picture of him while he’s taking one of you… that would surely freak him out!)

13 years ago

ok…we stay away from unbalanced people…walk home a different way…there are times that I am sorry I have taken that shortcut to the house…I will plan to walk the long way away from now on!