This Is A Scam! And I Almost Got Suckered In!

I got an email this morning. A “private invitation” from some guy named Gary who sent a video from a guy named Greg who was selling this fabu opportunity to make money online instantly, without any effort or nearly any cost… It was for a mobile marketing code…and those in the know are talking fast and furiously about the growing mobile market… so I was willing to listen.

Promises and pictures of mansions and fabu cars, cash flowing into bank accounts, all from setting up a simple mobile code with an affiliate account, and then sitting back and getting out of the way so that tons and tons of money rush like a river into your money pool.

Yes! I’m interested, I thought… so I started to watch. The video went on and on, and there was no control bar to turn it off… that’s how they get you! As the minutes tick by you are tempted to turn the thing off, but you’ve already invested ten minutes into watching the blathering salesman do his thing… how much longer could it go on? I’ll wait just a minute or two more…

Well, fortunately I have two browsers and two screens, so while the blather continued on one, I checked the reviews for the Mobile Marketing WhizBang product on the other. Oh! The temptation. The review sites all went on and on about how great the product was, and “Click Here” to get the secret code for FREE! So I clicked.

Sign here for a FREE 6 week online webinar course that will teach you everything you need to know to set this program up. Six weeks? What happened to “instant!” program? I decided this was going nowhere. Besides the intro price was $49!!!

So I clicked to close the page.

But wait! Don’t leave! Price dropped to $30. – Hmmmm… maybe?

Nah. I clicked to close the page.

But wait again! This is toooooo valuable to walk away… and hey, just for you, we’ll drop the price to $19. That’s a $30 dollar discount. How can you say no?

Nah, I clicked to close the page.

You can’t be serious! You can’t leave this page. And just to prove we mean business, we’ll give you the program for just $9.!!!    –

At this point, it was a game. How low would they go? I clicked to close the page!!!

Ok! Don’t go. We really want you in this program! You can have it for FREEEEEEE! Just click on this little button and you will not only get the full program, the code, the bells, the whistles that everyone else is paying full price to get, we’ll give you access to something special.  Puhleeeeze? Just click the little yellow button.

Hmmmmm….. ok, ok…. I’ll click the little yellow button. Now what?

TaDah!!!!! Here’s the real offer…. to make the Mobile Marketing gismo work you have to buy a domain name and buy their hosting package… and guess what!!! It’s only $295 a year. WOWZA!!!!  A totally whacked price.

Deep breath. Sigh. That was close!

People…. do your doooo diligence… but be careful… in this case, even the reviews of the product led to sales pages for the product. It is just one big affiliate pyramid and the only one making real money are the lucky ones who got in early….. and the web hosting company. BOGUS!

Have you ever been tempted by some of these super duper sales pages? Or is it true, if it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true.

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daffy hill
daffy hill
10 years ago

I thought you knew better…you should have stopped at hello!