This Is A Total Waste of Money

I understand the joy of dressing up for Halloween. I really do. I loved to do it when I was a kid. I was a hobo most of the time. It was easy to put on one of my brother’s old shirts, a junky tie from the back of my Dad’s closet, a funky hat and then mess up my face with some charcoal from my mom’s art supplies. Cost: $0  Time: about 5 minutes.

The one year I tried a little harder I dressed as a red devil and had a tail made of red string, wore red tights, a red T shirt, and turned a ski mask inside out so the red lining showed. I think I got one of those cheap plastic devil masks as well, so let’s figure the cost at $2.00 max and time? I’d give it 30 minutes. I looked pretty good. Even won a prize at my grammar school for scariest costume. (Competition must have been pretty lame back then.)

So I get the costume thing. But I just got an email from my sister featuring Halloween costumes that, for me, are a total waste of money!!! Check out what you can pick up at Target for $27.00 this Halloween season. Who could be without one of these for that little pet you have in the back room???

Dress up your pet like a dinosaur! Too cool for ice. What will they think of next? Your comments welcome people. Do you think this is cute? Would you spend your your cash on DinoDog? Why not just stuff the creature in a paper bag and cut two eye holes, run your leash to his collar and walk around a paper bag as a costume? Now that is clever, if you ask me.

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10 years ago

Is there such a thing as a Halloween Scrooge? Those who don’t participate should not cast aspersions on those that do. May you get coal in your pillowcase bag!