This Is Why I’ll Never Buy A Cadillac

I don’t need a new car. My Honda has only gone 20,000 miles and nothing has fallen off. The tires spin, the windows go up and down, the doors even lock. And I’m perfectly happy with my heated leather seats, especially on these cold winter mornings. I’m not in the market for a new car. I ignore new car commercials. So I really surprised myself when I sat up and took notice of the latest news from the makers of Cadillac. The brilliant engineers in R & D at General Motors are experimenting with putting touch screens into their next line of high-end vehicles. Touch screens! So you can have a “swipe and slide” experience (similar to an iPad) for your radio, your GPS, the weather, phone your mother, etc.!

Are they nuts? Imagine driving down the highway at 65 miles a hour while trying to “swipe select” a new radio station! all the while keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel? Can’t happen. I have a hard enough time “swipe selecting” icons on my iPad while I’m sitting at my desk.

What could these guys be thinking? Cell phones are bad enough to distract drivers. What we don’t need are people playing Warcraft video games on their touch screens while they circumnavigate the highways! Call me an old stick in the mud back water Luddite, but if Cadillac thinks this is a good idea, what other brain-whacked plans have they got in mind to ensure our demise?



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