This Proves I’m Better Than I Really Am – The Mythic Golfer

Who would believe that having a high handicap in golf would give me the confidence boost I experience every time I play a really bad round?

Here’s what I mean. I’ve been playing golf for about 8 years… and in the last four or five I’ve really tried to improve. I practice, practice, practice. But improvement? No matter the number of lessons I take I am always scoring double and triple bogeys… if you don’t know what that means, trust me. It means I’m a lousy golfer. But what it also means is that when I play in a tournament as I did this morning, I get all these extra strokes. In order to “level the playing field” between golfers, I get to take strokes off my final score. I know, it doesn’t sound fair, but the bottom line is that when I play against a really good golfer and I play well, she has to play super well to beat me. It’s the nature of the game.

Anyway, this morning in the wind and rain that soaked the Hyannis Golf Club, I struggled to play the best I could. I can finally drive the ball a really good distance, and most of the time it is going straight down the fairway. (A small miracle.) But my short game—anything within 80 yards of the green is sheeetola… I can’t chip, I can’t putt to save my life… and I end up with high scores. Today was no different.

BUT!!! As I was the least skilled person on my team I got all kinds of strokes! And we ended up coming in second of all the teams that played. I won $13!!! for my efforts.

Oh the joys of golf. Who would believe it is so good to be so bad. 🙂

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Cousin Kathy
Cousin Kathy
13 years ago

Drinks are on you, baby!

13 years ago

Somehow it just doesn’t seem fair to reward a lack of skill…odd turn of fate.