Time Is Running Out… ! And I’m Twirling in Circles

Well… it’s been a couple of grand weeks, what with the holidays, and the family visiting and the gifts and the returns, and the food and the whirlwind of action ….and much as I wanted to write in my blog, my energy level has been low… I caught a nasty case of shingles… I know!!!! I hear your cries of “Oh My! Oh My!”… but actually they weren’t all that bad… I have a friend who has suffered with them recently and at the very first sign of the “tingles” and “pings” of pain, I called her up for advice.

“Get yourself to a doctor ASAP and get drugs.” she told me. “If they catch it in time it will all dissipate rather quickly… otherwise – prepare yourself for a hospital visit and a drip to send nasty medicines into your bod.”

So I took myself to the local walk-in clinic, — the doctor confirmed my fears, and I got some happy drugs that are taking care of the plague before it gets any worse.

So you can see why I haven’t been blogging. Been spending too much time popping pills and staying away from little children who are vulnerable. At this very moment I am missing a pizza party with my cousin and her 4 little ones… I will miss them, and they me, but they will thank me when the kids stay healthy.

I promise I will write up some profound, end of year, thingamebob that will outline all the good times of the year gone by and with hopes for a brighter one ahead. But that’s tomorrow. Right now I need to drive home and have a meeting with Mr. Dewars. TTFN

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