Time Passes And Sometimes It’s Ok.

But not always…

23840724It’s been almost a month since last I put a post up here on Chapman Deering. Life happened. Two funerals, an aunt and a cousin passed on… over… beyond… wherever. I’m always a little awkward specifying where you go once you “go.” Don’t get me wrong. I do believe in a place “over there.” I do. But I can’t imagine it with colors, or sounds… but I can imagine it with warmth. Wherever “over there” is, it’s comfortable. I’m not talking about heat from hell… just a balmy 85 degrees with an occasional passing cloud, and a gentle breeze off the water, would do nicely for me.

Since writing my last post, I’ve had a birthday. A day of celebrating me! Another turn round the sun. Unfortunate that it landed on the day of my cousin’s funeral. Not her fault, of course. But it did give me pause as I contemplated another year of life, how fast time passes, and how when and where my demise will occur.

How morbid! Time for happy thoughts! Like growing plants, and gardens, and three new azalea bushes my sister and I planted to replace the dead ones I stuck in the ground last fall. Ah! Sweet spring does bring hope for the flowers after all. And a new beginning.

And golf season has finally begun. I’ve played three times. Once I even broke 100.. which is a good thing. Twice I did very badly. Which is not a good thing. Still I go out there and hit the balls down the fairway, seeking a lower handicap. It will happen sometime… ! I live in hope and great expectations.

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Linda Bartosik
Linda Bartosik
10 years ago

I love the 360 you just did! I’m always up for a positive swing. Happy golfing!

daffy hill
daffy hill
10 years ago

Be sure to water those azaleas and talk nicely to them or they will “pass over” to and we know where they will be going…the compost pile…to recycle their energies….now there’s an idea!