Too Many Messages – And I Need Your Feedback – See Bottom of Post

This morning I checked my email… over 800 messages were waiting for me… and that’s in just one day. I can’t stand it anymore and have got to unsubscribe to 99% of the vendors who keep trying to get me to buy something. It’s just too much!!!

But so many email subject lines sound so tempting:

  • “Make a $$$$$ with this one secret ingredient.”
  • “You’ll be sorry if you pass this up!”
  • “Once in a lifetime opportunity”…. etc. etc. etc.

They have got to stop writing to me… !  I’m not getting anything done.

Discipline – that’s what I need…. just don’t open emails till you get the essentials done…. but it’s hard… emails come in all day long… I long ago stopped the automatic notice “bing!” sound… and only check my account a few times a day… but it’s still a distraction.

What do you do? How do you handle the onslaught?

By the way I need your opinion…. on the bottom of this page I installed a new plugin that shows products on sale at… do you find the ad distracting? annoying? shall I dump the thing?????


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11 years ago

Doesn’t bother me…I only glance at such things…I try very hard to not make impulsive purchases…and I always research anything I want to purchase before spending my hard earned cash (:

Marilyn Rowland
Marilyn Rowland
11 years ago

First, on the Amazon plug-in: I tried to comment earlier on my phone. I said I could barely see it, and it wasn’t a problem. Then I tried to send my comment, and the ad expanded and got in the way of submitting the comment. I ended up on Amazon instead, and the comment got lost in the shuffle.. Maybe it’s just me….

On the computer, I can click out of the ad.

As for the “tempting” ads, I am guessing they only make money for the sender of the e-mail, not those who take them up on the offers. My spam filter takes care of most of these. I still get too much mail, but, fortunately, nowhere near 800 a day.