Trying To Put Heat In My Pages

I’m taking a class this week on how to write a love scene! Cape Cod Writer’s Center Conference is happening in Hyannis and I signed up for one class…

bodiceripperA couple of years ago I wrote a “bodice ripper!” Romance writer’s hate it when you use that term… but, hey, I’m not a romance writer, I just wrote a romance thinking it would be a hot seller on amazon…. needless to say it was not. (By the way, I stole the book cover you see on this page, so don’t tell anyone… just wanted to add a little “sizzle” to the post as an example…)

I published it under the title, Second Chance and had it online as an ebook for about two months… maybe sold one or two copies… $2.99! each. I was making real big $$$$ for sure. LOL! So I took the book down and am trying to rework it… add some “heat!” make it “sizzle!” I’m inspired by Fifty Shades —of course, that’s the book that makes you gasp and groan when you read it, but I think my friends and family would have me committed if I went that far…

Of course, I have no clue how to make my book a “scorcher!” — thus the class. I have high hopes and great expectations that this class will give me the clues I need to follow to solve the mystery of writing a best seller.

I will keep you up to date on all my adventures this week… might even try out a sample of my sizzling new writing style. Stay tuned!

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