Waiting For The Storm To Pass

I’ve shut off my computer while the thunder and lightening flash high above. It’s probably a myth that lightening can zap your technicals…but I’m taking no chances. I’m using the iPad instead.

It is definitely summer. My teacher friends are finally free of the classroom and have already left for vacations in Maine and the Cape. I wish them long lazy days of sunshine and ice cream cones, walks on the beach and moonlit nights by the pounding waves.

I remember my own summer vacations when the family gathered at my uncle’s lakeside cabin in New Hampshire. The “Abbi-Jack” sat at the end of a long dirt road in the woods near Laconia. It was white with green trim and had a large wrap around porch lined with chairs. An oversized dining table at one end was where we gathered to play cards and worry over thousand piece jigsaw puzzles. I have many fond memories of that porch. They come to me on a day like this, when a storm is near, and the sky turns that funny grey yellow that says there’s electricity in the air, and it’s time to unplug the TV.

I called the club house and cancelled my tee time today. The rain will stop and the sun will be out later, but I’m glad for the rain this morning. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do…you know, the nitty gritties of life. I better stop and get to it.

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