Waiting On The Bus

Sitting in a sunny bus terminal side of the road box…. Heading to Minnesota And Wisconsin for a major over the top party to celebrate my brother. His wife has created a fabu event where all his flying buddies, local farmers and once upon a chance sailors and techno geeks are eager to come by and wish him well. It should be quite the thing. My Bro has ALS and he really wants to get together with everyone to celebrate his life. Everyone is full of excitement.

My trip has not been without a bit of drama. With the sun high in the sky and the bus nearly here I am happy to report I remembered to take my license. You need it for ID at the airport and I nearly lost it.. Forgot it…

It all started with yesterday morning’s trip to the dump. I only took my license, put it in the pocket of my jeans, and went off to recycle.

Back home I took my shower tossed the jeans in the laundry basket and began to pack for the trip. Thank goodness for lists. Wallet? Check. Tickets? Check. License? Oooooops. Had to dig into dirty laundry, but I rescued the valuable piece of plastic. If I had not remembered it I would not have been allowed on the plane. But…. All is well. Bus is nearly here.

I shall report back as the weekend progresses. Tra la, Tra la.

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Traveling Cousin
Traveling Cousin
11 years ago

SO looking forward to the celebrations and can’t wait to see you!

As an FYI: if you get to the airport and don’t have your license, it doesn’t mean you can’t get on the plane… what will happen is that you will have to undergo a much bigger security screening…so all would not be lost.

See you tonight!

11 years ago

You’d get a pat down…no pun intended. Might even be a bit of fun!