Waiting on the Water to Boil And One Good Reason Not to Buy Clementines

Ok… It’s true… Water always takes forever to boil when you watch the pot… Or when you only have three minutes to pack up your things and head out the door.

About those clementines… Bought another crate. They were so sweet and juicy around Christmas… I thought I’d try them one more time before the season ends. BIG mistake. The season is definitely over for the little juicy balls of citrus… They looked fine in the store… Got them home and began to unwrap the little box with the orange netting…!  Roto!!!  At least three of the orange orbs were long since past prime. Back to the store they went this morning.

“Would you like another  box?” the sweet girl at the service desk asked?

I don’t think so. Got my money and headed out to the office. It’s apples for me now… Or a mango? What’s in season in February anyway that you can trust?

Oh… Gotta run. Water boiled. Time for tea and crumpets.


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New Englander
New Englander
11 years ago

No fruits in season in this corner of the world. It’s nuts and berries (dried) ’till summer. Mmmm!