Warning! Nasty Things Can Happen If You Have A Cell Phone!

This you won’t believe. Then again, maybe you will… technology and scam artists being what they are. I just discovered a secret plot to add $$$$ charges to my cell phone bill. This can happen to you and you won’t even know it’s happening until it’s too late.

Here’s the story.

I got an email from AT&T this morning. My monthly bill was ready to be viewed. Although I often don’t look at my bill online and wait instead for the paper version to arrive, I decided to check it out. Good thing I did. My total due for the month was $23.00 more than last month. Curious. I didn’t remember doing anything differently. I checked the details and I had not gone over my minutes or data transfer limits… I couldn’t see any reason for the extra charges. So I called AT&T.

It seems that at some point in the last month I received a text message from some vendor who sold hints and solutions to online games. I don’t know about you but when I get a text message that looks like an ad and I don’t recognize the name, I delete it immediately. I don’t read it, I just delete it. Well, it seems that this game vendor was selling me some $19.95 product and if I didn’t opt out of the deal I was going to be charged, not only $19.95 but that same amount every month going forward. And because I did not respond but just deleted the message, the vendor charged me the $19.95. What with taxes and fees, my bill was increased the $23.00!!!

Wowsa!!! Thankfully the AT&T rep was able to get the charge cancelled and credited back to my account. What could I have done to prevent this?

The rep told me to never delete a text message without reading it. These vendors are out there in force, sending scams to all the world. And to prevent this from happening again I had to order a special service to block all vendors!!! Which means I cannot buy anything on my phone. No ringtones, no games, no whatsitanywhooo stuff. I don’t care!!! And if I do get a text message with an offer they tell me to do the following:  read it and reply with the word “STOP” which is supposed to get them to stop sending text messages to me.

This is all a big pain in the #$@! And all because I said yes to relatives and friends that I would add text messaging to my phone. Hmph! I’ve only received two text messages this month… but a lot of grief as well. I’m thinking of canceling the text service all together.

Let this be a warning to you all. Nasty things are happening. Check your bill for strange charges and call.

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13 years ago

sounds like sound advice…I never text…can’t hit the tiny buttons accurately enough…I’m afraid I’ll call russia