We Lost The Cup!

If you are a golfer, you know what I’m talking about. And if you’re not, you probably could care less. But, alas, and deep sigh, I am a golfer—not a good one, but a golfer just the same, and today, deep sigh, the US Solheim Cup Golf Team lost to Europe, — only by a point, but that was enough.

It’s a big deal for women golfers. BIG DEAL. Only comes around once every two years. And Europe has only one three times in the last fourteen contests. And I fully expected the USofA to pull it off again. But no. It was not in the cards.

Ok, so we’ll give ’em this one. But just wait until next time!

Do I sound like a pathetic red sox fan? Today the Red Sox are playing the NY Yankees … and the wild card spot in the playoffs hangs in the balance. Or maybe it’s already too late. I’ve been watching the web for golf for so long I forgot to check in with the home team.

What is it anyway about fans and their dream teams? Why do we invest so much energy following our favorites, dreaming of the Big Win! is it all vicarious? Do we really live through our heroes?

Maybe so.

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12 years ago

No one can accuse you of not throwing yourself totally into the game…you even dressed up with your special hat just to check the score on your phone…now that’s true devotion.