Weathering The Storm

We’re lucky. All water, floods and beach erosion, but no snow!!!! Tra La!!!

While everyone else in the state is hunkered down with snow shovels at the ready, here on Cape Cod we are just getting rain and lots of it. Oh, and winds up to 50 mph gusts that threaten power lines. But no snow!!! Tra La!!!

I’ve never been much of a snow bunny… I’ll walk in the snow, even snow shoe in the snow, and I’ve tried the cross country thing, but have always been afraid of breaking a bone…

I’m much happier in sunny, warm weather. Matches my Aries nature I guess…. you know, fire, creative, intuitive… that sort of thing.

No snow. Tra La!!! Of course, I do have the buckets and sponges out and a mop if it’s needed. Rather water than snow. Tra La!!! And rather sunshine best of all. 🙂

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