What A Day! What A Day!

It all started with some joy when I watched the weather report at 6 am. Temps here in Orlando would hover in the mid60s, while the gang back home would be facing the wind in chills below 20 degrees. Sorry if I sound happy. I hate the cold.

Today I spent running about, taking a long bus ride to the DEMO DAY at the PGA trade show. Thousands of people crushing into the Orange County National golf course to see the latest equipment and try it out for themselves. I brought my golf glove and wore my golf shoes, but as I have not swung a club in at least six weeks, I decided to forego the humiliation of grinding a ball into the dirt in front of dozens of on lookers. Instead I remained an observer. And that was fine.

Had an interesting encounter with a porta potty mid afternoon, but as my sister tells me That’s Too Much Information, so I shall stop my story before it begins and just let your imagination wander wherever it might go!

I’m finally connected to the internet and it has not quit yet, so I’m posting this around 9pm before the lights go out. There’s a party happening across the court yard tonight. Lots of tourists under 18 — must be a senior trip visiting Disney or something…

Anyway, I am done for. So will connect again later in the week. Enjoy the weather, where ever you are.

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