What A Week! for Celebrating

Another year round the sun! That’s been the theme for this week. Great weather here in the northeast… played my best round of golf on Tuesday – it’s going to be a banner year I am certain – enjoyed cake and ice cream combined al Fresco! and welcomed friends from out of town to wander the streets of Chatham and sip drinks in Hyannisport.

Thanks to all who helped me celebrate another notch in the belt of time! And it’s not over yet. I bought a new golf club and am heading out to the driving range today to try it out. Hoping that this is the “magic club” that will help lower my handicap!

In the meantime, just finished fine tuning a major product launch with a golf fitness guru… and am spreading the word to everyone on my list. If you are a golfer, or know of a golfer who wants to get fit for the game… have them go to: http://www.gettinggolfready.com and sign in for some free fitness videos and a bonus or two. Of course, the ultimate goal is to get people to buy the full set of videos and a 100+ page fitness book. But even if they don’t there is some great free info here. Thanks for passing it on.

What else is new? I’ve fertilized the backyard grass, put gas stabilizer into the snow blower’s tank, and sprayed weed killer on the driveway weeds… As far as I’m concerned, the snow is gone for the season and we are quickly heading into a warm spring and full hot summer. Wowsa! Time to crank up the BBQ and slip into that bikini. Wouldn’t you like to see that!!!! HAAA! LOL. Not this year people, maybe next. I’m trying to diet, once again with high hopes and great expectations, of course.

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11 years ago

Glad you had a great week. Good luck with that club!