Whistling Toilets and Spider Bites

I don’t know which is more annoying. I have two terribly serious issues to discuss and deal with in this blog. Neither can I control. (I know people are dying in the streets of Syria and starving in Somalia, but I can’t control far off political issues. These two terribly serious issues I can try to deal with here and now. I need your input.

The first is a whistling toilet. All of a sudden the other day, the blue toilet on the second floor started whistling every time I flushed. This has never happened before. And as far as I know I’ve done nothing of a personal or mechanical nature to cause this ceramic bowl to start making weird sounds. I do what everyone does in the bathroom, I then flush, the water goes down in its pretty little spiral, and then suddenly, the toilet begins to whistle. It goes on for a full minute or so as the water slowly fills back into the holding tank. And it’s loud!! And very annoying!

The second issue that is causing me no less pain, is spider bites. Must have happened two nights ago. These little red spots appeared on my right arm and hand in no particular pattern… but VERY itchy. I have not been in poison ivy and I’m pretty sure it’s not shingles. AND I have a spot on my right eyelid that is driving me crazy with the itch!!!

I am using Gold Bond medicated lotions, creams and smears to try and keep the itch under control. I check and shake out my sheets before I get into bed at night.

I think it’s a conspiracy. The whistling toilet is driving spiders out of the loo and into my bedroom at night where they attack my exposed body parts.

This is not funny. I want to break the toilet and drown the spiders. There must be some way to do that. Any ideas?

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