Why Can’t I Sleep?

During the last few weeks while my family were here for the holidays, I slept more soundly than I have in a long time. There were some nights when I could sleep right through the night without waking at all. My sister even commented on it. (I often wake her when I stumble about on my way to the loo.)

But now that they have gone back to California I find I am tossing and turning just as before. Maybe I get two uninterrupted hours… But then it’s back to the radio, or reading, or just tossing and turning. Also why the sudden flip back? Why can’t I sleep soundly?

I have a couple of ideas…

  • I don’t think it’s because I’m suddenly insecure without someone else in the house… That’s bogus… I’ve been alone in the house for a long time (aside from the ghosts and spirits who are quite friendly). So I know it’s not that…
  • I’m watching TV just before bedtime… Maybe it’s the bright lights of the TV… Some say that can overstimulate your brain?
  • Actually, I think it might be drugs. During the two weeks of holiday time I was on pills for that case of shingles I wrote about… Don’t remember the names of the pills but they really helped… Shingles are gone. Drugs are good.
  • So what do I do? ¬†Chamomile tea before bedtime doesn’t seem to be doing it.

Any suggestions welcome!

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