Wild Winds, Snow and Only One Plow

The town I live in here on the Cape does wonders with its coastline and sandy shores in the summertime, but when it comes to plowing the snows of winter… our little village is at the bottom of the plow list. My family arrived last evening, they flew into Boston from the west coast, and lucky for them, all connections, flights, buses etc. ran on time and got them here without incident. The adventure began for me when I had to drive the short 10 miles to the Sagamore Bridge bus stop to pick them up.

Of course I had to first shovel and snowblow my way out of the driveway. Thanks to my very strong and courageous sister who lives not far away and is a wizard at the blower, we managed to free the car in only two hours…. I’m telling you, we got slammed with two feet of the white stuff and it took that long…. we still have another car buried somewhere in a drift, but that’s work for today.

Anyway, traveling by car was treacherous… ruts left by ugly SUV 4 wheel drive wagons made my little car slip and slide…. made me wish I had a Hummer, though my environmental guilt won’t allow such extravagance…

Bottom line… it took about an hour to go the 10 miles, but all was well and good and safe and now, this morning we are eating pancakes and the guys are ready to go do more shoveling.

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Cousin K.
Cousin K.
13 years ago

at least you have a blower! We southerners are left with just shovels to remove the white stuff that we got hammered with!
Ho Ho!

13 years ago

you’ll be getting my bill in the mail!