Workin’ Farm – Road Trip Tales #16

June 27 and 28, Outside Lancaster, PA

We’re staying on a Workin’ Farm! Our tent is pitched next to a babbling brook. There are wild ducks, geese, fish, fowl, lambs and the “monstrous upholstery monster” is not far away. (Editor’s note: We were both haunted with images of overstuffed stairs turned into strange shapes and animals that we encountered a few days back at the Enchanted Caste. The images stayed with us for the rest of the trip.)

The stars will be cloudy tonight. In a little while I shall read and depart for dreamland.

June 28

This morning we woke with the sound of passing trains and passing ducks. It rained in the night and my sister got up and went outside to put plastic on the tent. The sound woke me and I thought she was playing a bizarre trick. Was I mad!!! Of course she was very gracious about it.

Now we are having breakfast. Not too much food left. Boiled eggs! Not my favorite.

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11 years ago

Now that’s real camping hobo style!

Travel Tooties
Travel Tooties
11 years ago

I have to say that you gals were brave to rough it across country – wow! And to think that you are still speaking to each other – double wow!