Working Up A Sweat Doing Nuthin’!

It’s been a good week to simply relax. My host and hostess have been mahvelous giving me all the time and space I need to work on my blog, as they prepare grand dinners in the evenings. They even provided me with Mr. Johnnie Walker, who I bring to the table each night. Such a good time.

The weather up until today has also cooperated. It’s not been a sit in the sun and bake kind of week, but sunshine and high 60’s has brightened my mood. This morning, however the rains are coming down like so many rats and frogs… (that’s Floridian for cats and dogs)… and I think it will be a stay in and read kind of day…. I brought all my Harry Potter movies… perhaps we shall have a film marathon? More later.

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13 years ago

You still haven’t given up on the film marathon…forever the optomist. We are expecting rain here for the weekend although it is sunny at the moment. Enjoy (: