Yoga On The Beach And Other Adventures

Played a good round of golf Saturday at the LPGA International Legends Course. Lots of fescu to get over or into… But I was fortunate and did not lose my ball. This may not seem like much to some of you, but this season, losing balls into the woods has been my unwavering routine.  To play a round with so many hazards and not lose my ball is a small triumph! A notch on my golf belt! A trophy in my case! Of course my score which is what really counts was not all that great, but relatively speaking, I did well.

I got up early with several others to practice a little yoga on the beach. Did some good stretches…but lost my plastic room key in the sand. Fortunately, it was easy to replace.

Third round of golf was at Conservatory Course, Sunday. Just before we went out one of the women tripped on a step in the golf clubhouse and broke her ankle! Youch! Unfortunately for my team, her absence impacted our score, and we had to accept an even match, which means that even though my team played well, we could not win. Good thing we were only playing for socks and souvenir towels. Imagine the chaos if we were playing for real $$$$.

Home today. JetBlue to Boston. Get in late…drive south to the Cape tonight. Up bright and early for golf at Barnstable.  Do you think I am addicted to the game yet?

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11 years ago

Talk about over doing it! Watch that shoulder or it will be more shots in the arm!

11 years ago