I Missed Too Much!

I’ve been out of touch for too long. After the holidays, things got crazy… and then I went to the PGA show in Florida, came back with a rotten cold that lasted two weeks… no energy for much of anything… then the snow storms and blizzards and I am overwhelmed and tired…

Something about the early winter sunset… It’s 4:59 pm as I write, and I’m almost ready for bed. You laugh!!! The sun sinks in the west, and my eyelids start to close. Who knows why. All I know is, I need to WAKE UP! and smell the Java! I got things to do, places to be, people to see… and no time for this nod your head sleepy head rattling on.

I’ve been told that no one is getting any notices of all my wondrous posts lately. I’ve been writing some, but no one is writing back.

Let me ask you… if you are a subscriber and you got an email letting you know that a new post has been put on the Chapman Deering site, would you respond in the space below this post. I need to know that the word is spreading like jelly… otherwise, I am shooting sparks into an empty night.


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